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Monday, August 11, 2008


Megan has earned herself a new nickname. "Trouble" Every time I turn around this little girl is getting into something. These are just a few of the numerous examples of her getting into things...hence the name "trouble". Notice she isn't just in the drawer, no first she emptied all the contents of the drawer onto the floor... her favorite place to play is in the toilet...we have found toothbrushes, blankets, clothes, toys, entire rolls of toilet paper. etc. etc. She also loves our shoes, we are constantly finding our shoes all over the house and often her in some of them. She is so funny. But boy we need to watch this one. Rob has reminded me that earlier in my blog I expressed how much I love Megan at this age because she is so inquisitive and it is so fun to watch her though this is still true, I don't enjoy all the messes this one get's into. And I don't enjoy picking up our drawers all over the floor 10 times a day. Or retrieving foreign miscelaneous objects from the toilet daily. I can handle the shoes, I wish she would just keep it at that.

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Becky said...

Don't use your toothbrush once it's been in the toilet. :)