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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Justin loses his first Tooth!

Justin has had a loose tooth for over a week now but on Sunday it finally came out. His first one! He was so excited. The dentist told me that he would start losing them within the next 6 months, that he could see his other teeth coming in on the x-rays he took. He was right. And another one is close behind, I bet another week and he'll lose that one too. He put the tooth under his pillow for the toothfairy, and he got $1.00, he was so happy. He said he wants to go buy something at the dollar store with it and I said that we could if he wanted. Looks like we are off to the store. It was his bottom one on the right. Rob and I are wondering if this was his first tooth too? I wonder if they fall out in the order they came in? I'm going to look it up in his baby book, can't help the curiosity in me.

Justin holding his tooth.

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